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how to prepare files

Acceptable File Types:

The following file formats are accepted: .pdf (preferred format) jpg, .eps

Resolution for Printing:

  • • Resolution best for printing: 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch).

  • • Anything lower than 300 dpi will cause your printing to look bitmapped (blurry).

  • • For best results use CMYK.

  • • Pantone Colors and RGB will be converted.

Setting the Bleed:

.125 bleed is required around the perimeter of the artwork in order for your project to be accurate for the final trimmed size.
If you are unsure if bleeds are needed for your artwork, the following might help: If your artwork has a white border around your complete artwork, a bleed is NOT needed. If color goes to the edge of your art, bleeds will be needed.

Creating the File (Design Specifications):

  • • If your file has drop shadows please make sure to flatten your file, done in photoshop.

  • • All text must be converted to outlines. This prevents text being dropped out or converted to a different font when the file prints.

  • • Make sure your images are properly saved and linked to your files.

  • • Transparency - Always convert spot color to CMYK & Flatten.

  • • If project is two sided please do not submit together.

  • • To get the truest black when printing in CMYK, use this breakdown: C 60, M 40, Y 40, K 100

  • • Perfect Bound set up – no design on spine unless it wraps around. (May Shift)