Due to the current threat of Covid-19, it is important to take precautions to maintain the spread of the virus as our states return to work over the next few weeks.

Recovering from a pandemic means making changes that businesses are not familiar with, including limited customer contact, increased social distancing in their stores, and extra protective equipment for employees.

Spread Information, Not Germs!

Because everyone will be adjusting to a new lifestyle, business owners should properly communicate their re-opening plan and rules to their customers. In addition to sending an email, posting on social media, and posting on their website, businesses should also include posters and signage in their stores to remind customers and staff of their new policies. Laminating allows for disinfecting of frequently handled documents or where human traffic is high.

Go the Distance

The Centers for Disease Control is asking businesses to continue social distancing by keeping individuals six feet away from one another. For many business owners, this may mean adjusting their store’s floor plan to allow for more social distancing and/or adding barriers between people.

Floor Stickers are a great way to remind customers to keep their distance from other customers; while barriers at checkout can protect employees and customers.

Happy, Healthy People

As the world recovers from Covid-19, businesses will be taking extra measures to ensure the health of both staff and patrons.

Taking temperature checks of staff and customers is one way to ensure that those who are sick are not entering the premises. Custom-printed Plastic traditional thermometers and forehead thermometers are both available.

Providing extra personal protective equipment for employees in another way to keep team members healthy. Some employers may ask employees to wear gloves and for those that do, should be teaching employees the proper way to use and remove the gloves to prevent the spread of germs. Face and eye protection like face masks and face shields may also be required while working. Company-branded face masks are great for keeping uniformity among employees and promoting your brand. In some cases, additional protective clothing like aprons and coveralls may be used.

Another way to prevent the spread of germs is to stop sharing tools and writing utensils between customers and employees. Company-branded pens and pencils are relatively cheap, so purchase a bunch and hand them out to employees and customers alike!

Lastly, cleanliness in stores is more important now than ever. That means more frequent cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces and sanitizing stations near entrance-ways. Business owners may also provide their employees with pocket hand sanitizer to keep on hand, or pass out to customers as a much-wanted giveaway!

By working (and learning!) together, we can get back to business.

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