Murtaza Jaffer is the Co-Owner of EBC Printing & Signs. You may have seen him at various events throughout the Valley, mingling and shaking hands with fellow business owners with a big smile on his face. He has become – quite literally – the face of EBC Printing.

Originally from Tanzania, East Africa, Murtaza is a partner at EBC Printing with his brother, Mustafa Jaffer. They originally came to the United States in pursuit of education but ended up falling in love with the community and started their business. 

Murtaza and the entire team at EBC Printing love the community in which they live and enjoy engaging with local community members. They believe by volunteering they are part of the fabric that makes the Lehigh Valley such a great place to live, work, and play.

“My staff has literally kicked me out of the office so that I can spend fifty- percent of my time volunteering in the Lehigh Valley community,” said Murtaza.

He says his first volunteer experience was for the Allentown West Rotary. Two people invited him for the volunteer opportunity – Gary Engehart and Gwen Carr. (Over the years, their relationship built so much that they became his Godparents!)

Shortly after that, he got involved with The Chamber.  After being a member with the GLVCC for more than 10 years, he learned the importance of getting involved in the community and building relationships.  He has since signed up to volunteer with various other organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Murtaza says that his true hope for our community is that the large and medium sized businesses support local businesses. He explained that much of the work in the printing industry either goes out of state or even out of the country to get fulfilled. 

“My humble request is for the companies at large to see the advantage of utilizing local businesses like EBC Printing and Signs.  At the end of the day it benefits us all when we keep the dollars in our own community.”

We invite you to meet Murtaza and the rest of the EBC staff. Visit EBC Printing at 6034 Hamilton Boulevard in Allentown for personal care and assistance for all your printing needs.

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