Hello there!

 On behalf of Mustafa, myself and the EBC team, we wish you and your families a happy holiday season. 

After much feedback from our clients, we have developed an e-commerce website for www.ebcprinting.com. Some of the benefits that we noticed include: 
•Touchless process to order business cards and booklets for marketing professionals working from home but need to distribute cards to their sales team.
•Convenient ordering of signage such as 18×24 yard signs with stakes
•Improving the visual and key pandemic related messaging.Postcards print orders in various quantity
•Utilizing ways to still keep in touch with clients with a hand written note on the postcard 

These are some of the feedback we have received.  We value our relationship and if you could please take some time to review the website, we would sincerely appreciate it. Again, here is the link www.ebcprinting.com.

Please feel free to send your questions and comments directly to me at Murtaza@ebclv.com. 

Stay safe, spread love, not germs 😊, and I look forward hearing from you. 

Respectfully, Murtaza and Mustafa Jaffer 
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