The turn of the calendar can be very inspiring. It is full of opportunity and new ideas just waiting to be unleashed, and putting a fresh spin on marketing materials is a great place to start. 

Refresh Your Brand

It is best practice to audit marketing materials at least once a year to ensure they are up to date and in line with your company’s brand and image. The new year is a great time to incorporate new designs and themes. Try a new color palette or modernize your current documents. Don’t forget to update and improve service offerings based on what competitors are offering, and based on the needs and demands of your customer base. 

Some of the items that need an annual refresh include:

  • Business Cards – When it’s time to order new business cards, verify that the information on the card is still accurate (such as email address, website, and phone number.) Update the information where necessary or remove things that are no longer relevant, like social media links that are no longer being used. Consider changing the theme to stay up to date with current business card trends. EBC Printing can give insight into what is trending.
  • Logo-  While logos are not changed every year, now might be time for a logo refresh. Work with a designer to create something unique to the business. If the company is celebrating a special anniversary or event, that can be incorporated into the design. 
  • Stationary, Letterhead, Envelopes, and Labels – Just like business cards, it’s essential to make sure that stationary has up-to-date information. Too often, companies send out letterhead with a previous office location, creating confusion for the customer. Nobody likes to waste! Labels can also be purchased to cover up the old address for businesses who have old envelopes they want to use up. 
  • Banners – Whether displayed at the office or at an event, banners help promote your brand to customers with little to no effort from the sales team. Be sure to order new banners that coincide with current branding and promotions so that the message is clear to the customer.
  • Fliers and Brochures – Fliers and brochures need yearly face-lifts. When the same brochures sit out, they become too familiar and are likely not to be picked up. Utilize new graphics and colors to tell your  message in an exciting way. Order enough for a few months and then re-evaluate and reorder when you run out.
  • Company apparel – Employees are the face of the brand, so don’t let employees be seen in worn-out, dingy attire. Order new apparel to keep them looking clean and professional. 
  • Calendars – Nothing says “New Year” better than a calendar! Design and order a new calendar to send to clients, to keep the company on their mind every day!

Online custom printing makes it easy to tailor business marketing materials regularly. For competitive pricing, design and print your materials at EBC Printing.

New Year, New Product Promotion 

The new year is an exciting time. Give customers something to be excited about by featuring a new product or service. A new product promotion is a great way to get customers excited about shopping with you. Promotional marketing collateral can then be used to help get the message out. These materials may include coupons, fliers, postcard inserts and more.

Communicate with Customers in a New Way 

Every company sends out emails. In fact, most people send and receive 121 business emails each day. Make your company stand out by reaching customers in a different way. Custom postcards and direct mail are great avenues to explore, especially since more people are home during the Covid-19 pandemic. One method of direct mail to consider is Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®). EDDM is designed to promote business in the local community. Many businesses use this method when they are having a sale, opening a new location, or offering coupons – but there are so many ways to use it! EDDM can help target the right customer by sending postcards, menus, and flyers. EBC Printing can help you filter by ZIP Codes and neighborhoods—even filter by age, income, or household size.

A full marketing material overhaul might not be necessary but making some small changes can start the New Year off right! Now, watch as your marketing materials open new business opportunities! 


EBC Printing is a print shop located in Allentown, Pennsylvania that services the Lehigh Valley, and surrounding areas of Philadelphia, and New York. EBC Printing is comprised of two entities – EBC Printing and Express Business Center.  The retail storefront, Express Business Center, makes up half of the business. This division covers copy, shipping, notary, and signage services. EBC Printing, the commercial printing division of the business, covers design, printing, finishing, and mailing. This facility is an all-in-one business service center. Schedule a tour and see what EBC can do for you!

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