Outdoor signage is a valuable marketing tool that can help attract customers at a relatively low cost.  It adds more visual space to just a storefront alone, and helps attract more customers. 

As you tackle your spring cleaning, take inventory of what signage you have and determine what you need to purchase for the upcoming season.

Why Do I Need Outdoor Signage?

Outdoor Signage is a way to set yourself apart from competitors. It’s a classic and timeless form of advertising which has proven effective through sales. 

When Should I Use Outdoor Signage?

Outdoor Signage is great anytime and should be used all year long! Businesses can use permanent outdoor signage to communicate the products and services they offer. They can also use temporary outdoor signage for promotional purposes; for example to advertise an upcoming sale or new product. 

It also comes in handy when hosting an event. It helps promote the event to the mass population and reach passersby who may have missed it otherwise. But don’t stop there – don’t forget to order signage for event day! You may use signs to navigate attendees to parking areas, for example. These types of outdoor signage can ease attendees’ worry and allow them to fully enjoy the event.

What Makes a Good Sign?

Great signs communicate a business’ message effectively, but it’s more than just the message itself which needs careful consideration. It’s also important to think about the size of the signage and the colors being used, to ensure it catches customers’ eyes.

  • Stick with a sleek and simple design. 
  • Share snippets of information that are easy to read. Avoid being too wordy. Use bullets or short phrases to get points across and avoid using paragraphs. 
  • Choose a large size sign that can be easily-read while customers are driving or walking by. 
  • Choose color combinations that stand out. Contrasting colors opposite on color wheel are complementary and can really make a sign “pop!” Also, consider the surroundings where signs are placed – choose signage colors that stand out from nearby buildings and streets. 

Where Should I Place My Signs?

Signs that are perfectly placed can have a great impact on customer buying actions. You might place your signs along a highway,  at a local event, or even on your own property. Deciding where to place them is completely up to you! 

How Do I Maintain My Outdoor Signage?

Natural elements like wind, rain, sleet, snow, and wind can affect the quality of your signage. It’s important to maintain them to project the best image for your brand. Clean them with warm soapy water (never powerwash them!), then replace ones that are ripped, torn, or faded.  

EBC Printing can assist with all of your Outdoor Signage design and installation needs. Contact us today to enhance your visibility!

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