moving day

Summer is here and while many are busy vacationing, others are busy moving. 

On average, more than 40 million people move each year in the U.S. and about 80 percent of those moves fall between April and September. The busiest months are June, July, and August and the demand for movers is especially high during this period.

In fact, according to research surveys, more people than usual are moving as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Twenty-six percent of Americans are seeking a permanent move, due to factors from the pandemic. Some are looking for a lower cost of living after being laid off, while others are wanting more space after being confined in their city dwelling for the last year.

Regardless of the reason for moving, Express Business Center understands that moving is incredibly stressful, so we’ve compiled some of our best packing tips to help!

Save time and space when packing:

Moving is a great time to get rid of stuff! Make a trash pile and a donate pile. As you are packing, ask yourself “have I used this in the last 6 months?” If the answer is no, add it to the trash or donate pile. Depending how much needs to be trashed, a dumpster rental may be necessary; otherwise just throw away with weekly garbage pickup. If items are in good condition, consider donating to a local shelter. Larger items like furniture can be donated to the Goodwill ReStore – they will even pick up your large items for free!

Packing food:

Avoid packing old food – it takes up unnecessary space. In the weeks leading up to moving day, eat what’s left in your cabinets and refrigerator. Donate any nonperishables to a local food pantry or to, and start with fresh groceries at the new residence.

Packing clothes:

Instead of repacking clothing into boxes, leave hung clothing on their hangers and folded clothing in their drawers. For hung items: simply tie a handful of clothing together with a rubberband and throw a garbage bag over the top (leaving the opening at the bottom). When you get to your new residence, hang up all of the bags, cut the rubberbands and bags off, and voila – your closet is complete! For dresser items, leave the clothing inside the drawers, but remove the drawers to allow for a more effortless move of the dresser itself. Once the dresser is inside the moving truck, put the drawers back in. This not only saves you packing time but also saves space inside the truck!

Packing linens:

To maximize space, pack linens in vacuum-seal bags. (DollarTree sells large bags for just $1!)

Packing furniture and large items:

Protect furniture with towels and blankets. If taking apart large furniture, be sure to put loose screws in a baggy, label it, and tape to the furniture. If you happen to lose a screw during the move, local hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes offer single pieces of hardware which you can use as a replacement.

Packing wires:

Secure electrical wires and prevent them from tangling by running them through an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll. 

Utilize free packing materials:

Collect free packing supplies like boxes and newspapers from local retailers who are disposing of them. You can also utilize household items as packing materials when possible – for example, use socks to wrap drinking glasses, use pots and pans to hold small items, and use towels and blankets to protect larger items like furniture. And don’t forget to pack suitcases and duffel bags! After exerting all free options, use a Packing Calculator to determine how many packing supplies will be needed to be purchased. 

Invest in reusable moving supplies: 

Dollys, tie-down straps, and large plastic bins are a big help when moving – and they are reusable (so think of it as an investment!) A dolly will save your back a lot of pain, as they allow boxes to be loaded and rolled to your destination. Tie-down straps will help to secure your items inside your vehicle or moving truck and can be used for years to come, whether it be another move or regular day to day hauling. Large plastic bins tend to store more items than a traditional cardboard box and they come with lids, too. They can be used for the move and again for future moves, or be used for storage in the meantime. 

Moving can never be stress-free but we hope that these tips will make your move as easy as possible! And remember, if you need us, Express Business Center can also help with packing and shipping your items directly to your new home!

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