Recently, two global printing companies were in the spotlight for mistakenly printing fake Covid-19 vaccination cards, as reported by the Advertising Specialty Institute. They are now working to increase their security to prevent mishaps like this in the future.

As fraud continues to be a problem in the online marketplace, customers are encouraged to shop local.

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Shop Small, Shop Local

Fake Covid Vaccination Cards

According to experts, fake Covid vaccination cards are available on the dark web and the market continues to grow as Americans seek more personal freedoms. The faux cards have been posted on blogs, forums, and social media. 

However, the FBI warns that creating, selling, and even buying fake vaccination cards is considered a crime. Vaccination cards are designed to report information about the type of vaccine received and the dates vaccines were administered. Misrepresenting that information puts others at risk.

Cracking Down

Attorney generals from 47 states have cracked down on vaccine card sales that were found on ebay, twitter, and other online retailers. Companies say they are taking steps to prevent fraudulent sales, though the problem still exists.

When Bigger Isn’t Better

While being a large corporation has its perks, it has its downsides, too.

First, larger corporations have more resources available. For example, most have automation systems in place. When an order is placed, the order is automatically filled and shipped out. While it saves time, automation isn’t always a good thing. This is the case for the online printer, whose automation system did not catch the fraudulent cards. The order was submitted, printed, and shipped out without ever being seen by a real person.

Smaller companies are not equipped with the same automation systems. Each product gets seen and reviewed by the business owner and its employees before being given to the customer. This prevents fraudulent documents from slipping through the cracks.

Corporations also have the funds and legal representation available when something goes wrong. Small business owners operate on limited funds, and likely don’t have the same options available. Therefore, they are extra careful when it comes to situations that could break that law. They want to remain open and reputable.

Local businesses are dedicated to protecting the community and doing what’s right – because it’s their community too!

Shop Small, Support Local

Help prevent fraud by shopping local. Together, we can keep the community safe. 

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