Employee Appreciation and Recognition

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”

-William James 

At EBC, we want to celebrate our employees who’ve helped make our business successful. We’re committed to showing our appreciation…not just on Employee Appreciation Day, but every day.

Showing Appreciation

As a business owner, it’s important to show appreciation to your team. It’s a year-round effort that should be part of a daily or weekly routine. Showing appreciation does not have to be expensive, stressful, or hard. Appreciation can start with a simple “thank you”! Other ways to show appreciation might be an in-office luncheon, an office party, or an extra day off. It’s important to listen to employees’ wants and needs and to understand how they prefer to be appreciated.

At EBC, our team feels most appreciated when being given a positive work-life balance. Our team is our family and we want our team members to feel valued and listened to. In an effort to show our appreciation to our hard-working team, we recently changed our hours for spring and summer to allow employees more time at home with their families. This is important to them, and so it is important to us. 

Showing appreciation is important as it makes employees feel valued. It builds trust and gives the employee a sense of belonging. These feelings can lead to improved performance and willingness to do a good job.

Offering Recognition

When an employee performs well, they deserve recognition for doing a good job. When a job is done well, positive feedback should be offered. Depending on the occasion, managers may also offer a reward, bonus, or promotion. Since most employees are goal-driven, awarding achievements – no matter how big or small – inspires employees to reach higher.

Providing employees with a positive mix of appreciation and recognition leads to overall success and happiness for all. 

How do you show employee appreciation and recognition to your team members?

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