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What better time to host a corporate golf outing than in August. It is National Golf Month, after all!

National Golf Month is a great time to bond with teammates and welcome new golfers to the green.

A History of Golf

The history of golf is quite the controversy. Some say it began in Scotland in the 1400s; while others believe it began as early as the 1200s in the Netherlands. Yet still, some say it originated in the Roman Empire.

Regardless of where and how it was discovered, there’s no doubt about it – people loved golf and it quickly became a popular way to pass time.

By the 1990s, golfing became a popular sport in the USA. The US Golf Association was started in 1894 and by 1900, there were more than 1,000 golf clubs in the US.

Whether it be for sport or simply for leisure, the green grass and sunshine certainly puts one in good spirits!

Golf Essentials

Businesses that are hosting a golf outing can impress guests with golf-themed promo items, which can help their golfers feel more comfortable on the green:


Dressing staff members in uniform is essential at a corporate event. This allows guests to know who to look for if they have questions or need help. Moisture-wicking polos make the perfect uniform for a golf outing. These keep staff members cool while working in the heat. Simply choose your shirt color and add a company logo.

Golf Balls and Tees

Can’t golf without a golf ball and tee! Why not give players a set to remember your event?! Logo golf balls and tees are great choices for products that are both functional and promotional.


Keep staff members and visitors safe in the sun with their own personal sunscreen. Explore various sizes, bottle vs. clip styles, and different SPF powers.

Hats and Visors

Another way to protect golfers from the sun is with custom hats and visors. With many options and styles to choose from, there is something for everyone! 


It gets hot out on the course. Keep golfers cool with a mini neck fan. This hands-free fan won’t interfere with their game and will keep the heat at bay.

Water Bottles

Keep guests hydrated with a water bottle. The collapsible water bottles are a nice option for a golf outing since they are super compact and include a clip to secure the bottle to a belt loop or bag.

Providing promotional product giveaways is a great way to keep top of mind awareness FORE your company. Happy Golfing! 

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