You may have noticed an increase in the use of QR codes in the last few years. 

During Covid, the QR code gained popularity, as business owners wanted to share information with customers without using paper that could potentially spread the virus between customers. 

Since then, many businesses have found the benefit of using QR codes. These unique barcodes allow business owners to share more content with less paper, saving both money and the trees!

Here are some ways you can use QR codes in your 2023 marketing:


Many restaurants update their menus regularly, adding new entrees and daily specials. Rather than spending time and money updating the menu each time, consider putting a table tent or sticker on each table with a QR code linking to the menu on your website. 


Staffing has been a concern among restaurants and retailers lately. For those in this position, adding a QR code to a customer’s receipt may help. Customers can scan the QR code which takes them to an online checkout system, enabling them to pay their bill without the help of an employee.

Window Decals

Having an event or promotion? Share the fine print and details with customers by posting your QR code on your store front window. You can create a new web page on your site for each event/promotion and update the page each year, without having to reprint your QR code window decal. 


Since banners allow only short snippets of information, using a QR code that links to your website can enable you to share more information with customers. The information on your website can be updated as often as you like, allowing you to keep your banners evergreen!

Business Cards

Whether you want to advertise your business or yourself personally, putting a QR code on your business card is a great idea. When advertising your business, your QR code can link directly to your website, allowing customers to learn more about your company. When advertising yourself personally, you may choose to link your QR code to your LinkedIn page or to your online portfolio, if you have one.

Flyers, Postcards, and other Printed Materials

Don’t forget to include your QR code on your flyers, postcards, and other printed materials. Since the QR code is scanned by the user (rather than having a customer type in your URL), you remove human error of typing your website wrong. 

QR codes allow customers to learn more about your company and do so quickly and easily. 

If you haven’t tried QR codes in your marketing yet, 2023 is your year! Your customers will thank you for it!  

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