Meet EBC Co-Owner, Mustafa Jaffer

Mustafa Jaffer is the Co-Owner of EBC Printing & Signs.  You may have seen him at various Rotary, Chamber and local community events mingling with other community members.  Together with his brother Murtaza, Mustafa is an avid and strong supporter of the community at large through his voluntary and dedicated efforts within the business community and the community members at large.

Family Life

Mustafa resides in Allentown with his family.  He has been married to his wonderful wife Sukaina for 21 years.  He has two children, named Mujtaba (son) and Zainab (daughter).  He also lives with his beloved mother Mumtaz.

Mustafa was born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa.  He originally came to the United States in pursuit of higher education.  He fell in love with the belief in the American Dream and the fact that opportunities exist for himself, his family and the ability to contribute to the community through whatever he decides to do on a professional level.


Mustafa graduated from Lehigh University with a major in Accounting and Communications in 1998.  He was an accountant for American Surplus Groups in Allentown during his freshman year at Lehigh University, and continued in that position for the next four years while earning his Lehigh degree. After University, he gained experience at Rothstein, Kass & Company, where he was promoted to Senior Accountant. He then moved on to Agere Systems as a Senior Financial Analyst supporting the Human Resources, Strategy and Real Estate Divisions within the organization.  Only a few years after graduating, Mustafa already had multiple  years of experience in financial management and business organization. That is when his real story began. 


In 2002, he purchased a small pack-and-ship business in Trexlertown that was called Express Business Center.  Together with his brother and the support from his team, he grew the business and expanded its services into what is now very famously known as EBC.  EBC comprises of the Express Business Center, EBC Printing, EBC Signs, EBC Promo, and EBC Apparel.  The firm has a diverse and fiercely loyal clientele.  Mustafa has managed the company for steady year-over-year growth in not only the company’s performance in revenue streams, but also in its team member base, and the products and services offered at EBC.

Mustafa, Murtaza and the entire team at EBC Printing love the community in which they live and enjoy engaging with local community members. They believe by volunteering they are part of the fabric that makes Lehigh Valley such a great place to live, work, and play.

“My team does not want me in the office so that I can spend more time with the members of our beloved Lehigh Valley community,” says Mustafa.


His first volunteer experience was for the Allentown West Rotary. Two people invited him for the volunteer opportunity – Gary Englehardt and Gwen Carr.  He now proudly calls them both his Godparents.  

Community Impact

Mustafa lost his father to cancer in 2015.  His father was an accountant by profession and more importantly a great proponent of community service.  He always advised Mustafa and his siblings to do good for the community as “GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE.”  With his father’s guidance while he was alive and his father’s memories, he continues to try to bring a positive impact to the community through his business.

Mustafa says that his true hope is that EBC can bring a positive impact and difference in businesses and individuals through the products and services it provides.  In the same context, he hopes that local Lehigh Valley businesses support service providers like EBC instead of outsourcing projects out of state, country or internationally.

“My sincere plea to businesses and corporations is to support local business and very importantly see the advantage of utilizing local businesses like EBC.  At the end of the day it benefits us all when we keep the activity including dollars in our own community.”

Work Hard, Play Hard

On the hobbies side, Mustafa and his wife love the outdoors.  He also enjoys playing golf, especially with his son Mujtaba.  He also tries to keep up with his daughter when she is preparing for her cross country competitions.  In addition, he also plays squash very regularly.

We invite you to meet Mustafa and the rest of the EBC team. Visit EBC at 6034 Hamilton Boulevard in Allentown for personal care and assistance for all your printing, signage, promo, apparel and related needs.

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