Our Story

Murtaza and Mustafa co-founded the highly successful, family owned Express Business Center in 2002. Continued success created opportunity and growth, which led to EBC Printing; a more commercial spin on the previously offered services of Express Business Center. Both graduating from local Lehigh Valley schools, Murtaza and Mustafa are acutely aware of local businesses and their trends. As active members of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, Murtaza and Mustafa are the faces of EBC at events all across the Valley.

The EBC Difference

A fully equipped printing division supporting both domestic and commercial needs, EBC jointly comprises itself of two acutely tuned business formats in one location. Unique business strategies alongside high-end technology enable timely production and delivery of premium quality projects. EBC offers extensive variety through printing services of all types. Our exceptionally trained, experienced staff ensures a project never leaves without customer satisfaction.

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Maintaining a passion for business, keeping work local, and giving back to the community create the foundation for our presence within the Lehigh Valley. Beyond that of a franchise or local print shop, we are an investment in community building, quality products, and tangible human connections. Leading the way for local, professional business. Contact us at murtaza@ebclv.com for outstanding print quality within the Lehigh Valley.

More About Our Services

With consistent investments in new technology, EBC offers a full range of printing services, ensuring only the highest quality print productions. Knowledge of the industry works in tandem with cutting-edge technology and software to create nothing less than perfection. EBC is capable of printing on a variety of paper types and sizes accommodating both domestic and business based projects. From grayscale to full-color printing, variable data, and image printing, EBC allows for complete customization down to individual pieces.


EBC’s experienced, in-house design team provides both assistance and insight from the foundation of ideas to the fruition of fully realized projects. Utilizing both Mac and PC based programs; the design team is ready to handle any job. Services include the creation of logos, document design and layouts. Copywriting and proofreading are also available for all projects, including manuals, and mailers.


Here at EBC, we offer a vast selection of mailing solutions. Services include addressing, address correction, direct mailing, database/mailing list acquisition, inserting and sealing customer items in envelopes, and postal sorting. Variable data and image printing, perfect for sending out mailers and other items requiring delivery to large customer bases, is also available. Choose to create and ship projects all from one convenient location.


Capable of printing for both indoor and outdoor environments; including posters, adhesive banners, event tents, tabletop displays, floor displays, bags and promotional aids; EBC caters to each individual customer. Utilizing state of the art printers, print to fabric, foamcore, canvas, and a variety of different paper types allow us the ability to address all projects.


With the ability to print on a variety of surfaces also comes the offer of apparel. For employee outfitting, company events, promo opportunities, or show room presence, EBC delivers. Available in text and graphic design, create your own custom apparel for advertisement on any occasion.


Beyond printing, EBC offers an extensive array of finish options, including lamination and UV coatings. Various folding and cutting options may also be utilized. Binding styles including coil, sure, comb, and perfect are options that further represent EBC’s dedication to providing the exact project, or materials that each customer envisions. Three-hole drilling, round cornering, perforation and creasing are also offered as finishing options.


Supporting a variety of packaging needs, EBC can supply customers with packaging designed to properly protect materials both domestic and commercial while leaving a premium, visually appealing finish on delivery.

Keen on Green

A continuously growing, local business with focus placed on the long term, EBC takes pride in sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact. Ensuring the stability of products that provide us the opportunity to provide service, recycled paper is used whenever possible, and paper materials are always recycled.

Promo Products

Maintain company presence beyond the realm of printed materials. EBC offers a vast array of promotional items available to showcase your company brand. Head over to ebcpromo.com and see what items your company can use to promote beyond the realm of paper products. Items include pens, notepads, USB drives, mugs, tote bags, and much more.


Email Andrea at andrea@ebclv.com to inquire about retail full time and part time positions.

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